Comment aller île Yashiori Genshin Impact?

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How do I fix the weather on Yashiori Island?

To make the rain stop on Yashiori island, you’ll need to complete the world quest Orobashi’s Legacy.

How do I unlock Yashiori Island domain?

Once players complete Part 3 of Orobashi’s Legacy, the weather around Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact will be clear. Players can head to the Formation Estate domain area and light up four torches around the switch. Once all the torches are lit, it will lift the seal on the switch, and players can unlock the domain.

Can you get rid of the storm on Yashiori Island?

Unlike Dragonspine’s Subzero Climate, the storm in Yashiori Island can be stopped.

How do I get the Yashiori Island Quest?

In order to access Yashiori Island and the rest of Inazuma, you must complete the Ritou Escape Plan, which is part of the Archon Quest Chapter 2: Act 1.